Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet Volunteer Angie O'Neill

We thought it'd be fun to introduce you to our volunteers. This week, we chat with Angie.

Yellow Door: Why do you volunteer at YD?

Angie: I like the community connections, supporting local foods and farmers, and working with fun people....plus I love Janice Ortbring and it's super fun to go to her house for breakfast every Thursday.

YD: How do you benefit from the experience?
Angie: Professionally, as a program evaluator and soon-to-be Health Educator, it's been a great experience to see how YD has progressed since it first started. Passion and people make all the difference in any community program, and I've loved seeing this concept come to life at YD!

YD: What do you love about YD?
Angie: YD is all about opportunites for people to connect, share stories, and enjoy good food while raising money for a good cause..the Chelsea Community Kitchen. I love the learning opportunities, too, like our new garden club in which inexperienced gardeners will learn together how to grow foods of the season to be enjoyed at Yellow Door breakfasts.

YD: Do you have any words of wisdom to share with others about getting involved?
Angie: Please do! Volunteering at YD is giving back to the community in a unique way...it's one of my favorite things in Chelsea to be involved in!

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