Monday, May 17, 2010

Yellow Door welcomes a slew of guest chefs

In the Yellow Door kitchen this Thursday, May 20:

Annie and Paul from Community Farm are cooking nettle and kale quiche (or a fried egg or two), mashed potatoes with onion garlic gravy and a touch of field greens. They are also bringing Paul's special home-grown wheat sourdough bread! YUMMIE.

"All ingredients are local... but the flavors are out of this world."

In the kitchen on Thursday, May 27:

Barbara of Mindo Chocolate is cooking up some chocolate delights: huevos ranchero with a savory chocolate mole sauce, chocolate dipped strawberries and hot chocolate. Deeeee-lish!

In the kitchen on Thursday, June 10:

Paul Cousins is cooking in the kitchen in June. Paul was the owner and chef at Cousins Heritage Inn in Dexter for 17 years and is a huge community advocate focused on quality of life in the region. Notably, Paul received the 2006 Citizen of the Year Award, along with Gil Campbell and Paul Bishop, for his efforts to save historic Gordon Hall. And, of course, he's a fabulous chef! We'll post his menu as soon as we have the details.

In the kitchen on Thursday, June 24:
Durrette Lauckern - details coming soon!

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