Monday, November 30, 2009

Chelsea-area farms and meat

Why buy food that has traveled thousands of miles to reach you when you can buy your fruits, veggies and meats at local farms?

Get the list here - coming soon!

A huge thanks to Jane Pacheco for the comprehensive farm list of the region.

U-Pick berry farms near Chelsea

A big thanks to Jane Pacheco for sharing her well-researched U-Pick berry farm list.

Get the list here - coming soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Closed for Thanksgiving: Gobble Gobble

See you on December 3!

Guest Chef Jeff Prenevost rocks the house

Guest Chef Jeff Prenevost rocked the gray house last Thursday. Light-as-air crepes oozed with raspberry preserves. French-style, cheesy, herb scrambled eggs provided a tantalizing complement.

And, though, we ran out of blueberry bread pudding, it was menu choice #1 that was the hit. Our visiting chef drew some new folks to Yellow Door. Thanks, Jeff, for a delectable entree'!

Monday, November 16, 2009

You asked for it: the Yellow Door playlist!

  • Prelude from cello suite no 1 by Bach
  • Andante sostenuto from sonata for piano and violin in c by Motzart
  • Menuetto from divertimento no 2 in d by Motzart
  • The arrival of the queen of Sheba by Handel
  • canon in d by Pachelbel
  • Largo from concerto for two violins and orchestra in d minor by Bach
  • Adagio by Corelli
  • Jesu, joy of man's desiring by Bach
  • Badinerie from orchestral suite no 2 by Bach
  • Air from water music suite no 1 by Handel
  • Rondeau from fairey queen by Purcell
  • Largo from concerto for guitar in d by Vivaldi
  • Adagio from oboe concerto in d minor by Marcello
  • Adagio from clarinet concerto by Mozart
  • Cantabile from flute concerto in d by Vivaldi
  • Menuetto from diertimento no 2 in d by Mozart

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Yellow Door, like, Facebook in person"

Overheard at Yellow Door today...

  • You can elf yourself... kind of like a body exchange program.
  • It's the hash!
  • A faithful, happy volunteer is priceless. You can always find new customers.
  • It's how to milk biscuits on request.
  • I'm an exotic dancer.
  • Two vegan sausages for your dining pleasure.
  • Really, we're not competing with Common Grill. We don't serve fish.
  • May I "friend" you?

Yellow Door...

... we get you messy.
... social networking -- in person.
... inspires me to eat healthier.
... more delicious than Facebook.
... we don't allow lugubrious behavior or conversation.
... get heckled for breakfast.
... a hearty serving of social consciousness can carry you through the day.
... the glitterati of Chelsea.
... fine breakfast dining accented by Ozzy snoring.
... we may give you a hard time.
... now decorated for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The right ingredients make Yellow Door happen

The concept: Hey, let's serve breakfast once a week using fresh, local ingredients to raise money for non-profits -- like the weekly breakfast they're doing on Fridays @ SELMAs in Ann Arbor.
The place: I bet my house can work! Let's get tables, chairs and some kitchen supplies.
The people: I'll shop local markets and farms each week... what about you? I'll prep and be there to cook on Thursday. I'm happy to greet folks as they arrive. Serving is my thing. I'm all about clean-up! Better just count me in for eating the food.
The food: We have to use fresh, local foods grown on farms in Washtenaw County and throughout Michigan. Let's try for all organic ingredients when feasible. There won't be any Florida orange juice on our menu! (Who needs OJ when we have AJ*?)
The donations: Hmmm... let's request $10-15 per breakfast, which is a steal considering the food is the freshest, the servings are heaping and the volunteers are the cheeriest. We'll give all the net proceeds to Chelsea Community Kitchen!
The vibe: I know -- let's make this the morning party in town... the place to be every Thursday morning. Oh, and it has to be fun.

*apple juice

Coffee Queen: Tina Weir

A huge thanks to Tina Weir (Todd Ortbring's sis) who took the early shift as coffee brew master on Yellow Door mornings. She has taken charge of that intimidating 40-cup peculator and added a special finesse to brewing many, many perfect cups of joe. With her company making a location move within Ann Arbor, Tina has to *resign* from her role as morning brew master. (She has been stopping by on her drive from the Napolean/Brooklyn area to Ann Arbor!)

Tina and her brew skills will be sorely missed. She earned the Coffee Queen crown (for which I aspire). Tina has been a key ingredient in Yellow Door's success. Thanks, Tina!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Now this tastes like the season!

After tasting the warm, mouth-watering crepes last week, Ginger proclaimed, "Now this tastes like the season!" The tightly rolled buckwheat crepes stuffed with mashed winter veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, celery root, carrots, onions and garlic) and paired with a poached pear were the hit feature entree' last week. Let's hope Deb and Mully cook 'em up again soon!

In just a few short weeks, Yellow Door has netted hundreds of dollars for Chelsea Community Kitchen. Imagine what we can do as a community if more people learn about Yellow Door! Help spread the word about eating scrumptious local foods -- all to raise money to help fund new Michigan food businesses. How can you help?

* Post a link to this blog on your Facebook page, such as:

I Yellow Door, do you? Eat local foods every Thursday morning, 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at Yellow Door. Email me for the scoop on directions! Menu at:

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