Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The right ingredients make Yellow Door happen

The concept: Hey, let's serve breakfast once a week using fresh, local ingredients to raise money for non-profits -- like the weekly breakfast they're doing on Fridays @ SELMAs in Ann Arbor.
The place: I bet my house can work! Let's get tables, chairs and some kitchen supplies.
The people: I'll shop local markets and farms each week... what about you? I'll prep and be there to cook on Thursday. I'm happy to greet folks as they arrive. Serving is my thing. I'm all about clean-up! Better just count me in for eating the food.
The food: We have to use fresh, local foods grown on farms in Washtenaw County and throughout Michigan. Let's try for all organic ingredients when feasible. There won't be any Florida orange juice on our menu! (Who needs OJ when we have AJ*?)
The donations: Hmmm... let's request $10-15 per breakfast, which is a steal considering the food is the freshest, the servings are heaping and the volunteers are the cheeriest. We'll give all the net proceeds to Chelsea Community Kitchen!
The vibe: I know -- let's make this the morning party in town... the place to be every Thursday morning. Oh, and it has to be fun.

*apple juice

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