Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Yellow Door, like, Facebook in person"

Overheard at Yellow Door today...

  • You can elf yourself... kind of like a body exchange program.
  • It's the hash!
  • A faithful, happy volunteer is priceless. You can always find new customers.
  • It's how to milk biscuits on request.
  • I'm an exotic dancer.
  • Two vegan sausages for your dining pleasure.
  • Really, we're not competing with Common Grill. We don't serve fish.
  • May I "friend" you?

Yellow Door...

... we get you messy.
... social networking -- in person.
... inspires me to eat healthier.
... more delicious than Facebook.
... we don't allow lugubrious behavior or conversation.
... get heckled for breakfast.
... a hearty serving of social consciousness can carry you through the day.
... the glitterati of Chelsea.
... fine breakfast dining accented by Ozzy snoring.
... we may give you a hard time.
... now decorated for Christmas!

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