Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you, Richard Andres and Tantre Farm!

Yummmmmmmmm. Last Thursday's Yellow Door breakfast was delicious! Tantre Farm's coleslaw was light and tasty. The veggie scramble tasted as if the Kale was picked fresh from the garden -- geez, who knew I'd enjoy Kale for breakfast?!?! The sesame fries were lightly toasted.

I left feeling a bit decadent, with a full belly and feeling quite pleased with myself that I started my Thursday eating so organically and locally. Care to join me this week?

On another note, a big thank you to Richard for cooking in the Yellow Door kitchen and to his mom, Lois, for entertaining the Yellow Doorers with lively, beautiful music... she and another Tantre Farm gentleman (sorry, I didn't catch his name!) played together for the first time. Lois played on her restored 200+ year-old violin... he played on his flute. Together, they provided an organic, musical backdrop to a memorable Yellow Door. See more pictures on Facebook. Join the Yellow Door fan club today!

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