Friday, January 1, 2010

Guest Chef Craig Common and Yellow Door chefs pack the house

Familiar and new faces streamed in Yellow Door on New Year's Eve morn for a tasty breakfast, festive cheer and plenty of warm smiles and embraces. Mully welcomed guests on the temporarily-insulated porch for coffee and a quick overview of the day's meals.

Dennis and Janet greeted guests and placed meal orders. Pointy hats and shiny crowns graced several heads of those cheerfully willing to mess up morning hair in the spirit of the New Year to come. Shimmering bugles blared boisteriously between sips of coffee roasted by Zingerman's and Mighty Good. (The coffee pots were brewing non-stop!)

Chef Craig Common, assisted by regular Yellow Door Volunteers Tracy, Dawn and Marie in the kitchen, cooked up chicken frittata and salmon scramble. A dollop of traditional bread pudding, meat or Mama Mofoods veggie sausage, and yogurt parfait complemented many meals. Yellow Door guests were excited to see Guest Chef Craig Common of the region's renowned Common Grill in the kitchen.

Bugles blared intermittenly from the Kids Room between bites of Jiffy muffins and delicious grapes. Laughter rang out throughout the morning. And while we filled the house and rotated guests in and out, guests never had to wait long for a seat. The morning could not have been more perfect! Thank you to Guest Chef Craig. Please come again! :*)

What's really cool? We raised more than $1,000 for Chelsea Community Kitchen. We could not do it without you. See you next Thursday!

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