Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get warm this winter with Yellow Door pumpkin waffles

I never thought I'd sigh over waffles. (And my hubby makes some very good waffles!) This month, Yellow Door features pumpkin-buttermilk waffles. The pumpkin adds a light, spicy taste of autumn -- what you think autumn tastes like. (Yeah, yeah, it's winter.) The apples from Almar Orchards are lightly dusted with apple cider syrup and the side of local ham steak is really tasty. Its flavors warm you from the inside out; a very nice feeling in the midst of a Michigan winter.

Interestingly, Almar Orchards's 250-acre farm has been family owned since 1885 and grows organic fruits and veggies. Visit them in Flushing this year. In the meantime, though, come to Yellow Door and taste their apples atop delicious waffles.

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