Friday, September 4, 2009

Yellow Door's role model: Friday @ Selma's

Morning people who radiate enthusiasm and genuine kindness are to be admired. These people ooze goodness. They likely down herbal tea, three glasses of water and a dose of yoga before I hit the snooze button for the fourth time. Reality is that I am a morning person... after three cups of fully-charged coffee.

Today, along with Yellow Door's CFO Angie O'Neill, I ate breakfast at Selma's in Ann Arbor again. We were greeted by really, really friendly people. (Selma's should give training to statewide retail establishments!) After signing in, we were directed to the living room lounge for heavenly coffee by Ann Arbor roaster Roos Roast. The roast was very full and smooth and perked me right up after a less than 8-hour a sleep night. Fortunately, we had time to enjoy a few cups of coffee before we were called to our table, a low, rectangular coffee table behind which Angie and I squeezed in between four others on a comfy couch.

We quickly started chatting with a couple from Ann Arbor who have been regularly dining at Selma's over the last month. Four out of six of us ordered the spicy, peppery Frittata with side potatoes and a slice of bacon. For our donation of $10-15, we enjoyed refills on coffee, met some new friends who share a common passion for local foods and filled up on delicious fare cooked up by Wonder Woman and Bad Fairy. Really.

As shared in an earlier posting, Selma's is a breakfast venue in a wild-garden surrounded home. Selma's has raised thousands of dollars for charities devoted to the local food movement and for building hoop houses in the Ann Arbor region to support year-round, freshly grown agriculture. Jeff and Lisa are devoted to their causes and an inspiration. At Yellow Door, expect enthusiastic, full-of-life people, good conversation and scrumptious breakfast.

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