Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunny greetings at Yellow Door today

The charming fork and spoon pair signified breakfast was on at Yellow Door this morning. Arriving an hour after the official start, I was greeted by Mary Waldron and invited to sign in, choose my breakfast choice of two options and pour myself a hot cup of coffee. A brief time passed and Marie whipped together my granola, yogurt and fruit plate featuring tiny grapes, plums and watermelon. (A heartier entree of wheat pancakes paired with sausage and fruit was also an option.)

Breakfast ran smoothly, albeit we now know to brew hot water for our tea drinkers. Gee, what a great idea! Even with a few hiccups, the vibe at Yellow Door was community. Hope to see you next Thursday at Yellow Door! ~ Sharon

P.S. The kitchen team was fabulous! Great work Deb, Mully, Tracy and Maria!

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