Thursday, June 17, 2010

Give a hand: please volunteer to keep Yellow Door going

Yellow Door exists because of volunteers. We have amazing guest chefs (such as Craig Common of Common Grill, Barbara Wilson of Mindo Chocolate, Paul Cousins, Annie and Paul of the Ann Arbor Community Garden and our Yellow Door regulars), stellar hosts in Janice and Todd, shoppers in Dawn and Jane, prep cooks and day cooks in Deb, Jane, Dawn, Judy and others.

Debi ensures we have volunteers at Yellow Door cooking, serving, greeting and cleaning. Janet helps behind the scenes with ensuring linens are cleaned, and she pitches in on clean-up duty. Angie manages the financials and donations, greets and serves. Mully greets, serves and offers sage advice to the 7 Dirty Virgin gardeners who grow veggies for Yellow Door. Sharon (that would be me) sends the weekly newsletter, updates the Yellow Door blog, snaps photos and serves. Bernadette and Lisa are great on clean-up duty, and a handful of others chip in as their schedules permit. Every effort is so very much appreciated --- and needed to make Yellow Door run! It's because of volunteers that Yellow Door has raised $10,000 and the Chelsea Community Kitchen is benefiting from the net proceeds of this fund-raising effort!

Last fall, Yellow Door was launched to connect community members, introduce fresh Michigan agriculture and raise money for Chelsea Community Kitchen. If we can grow our volunteer foundation, we're sure to keep Yellow Door open and the community spirit alive for in-season Michigan breakfasts. Become part of the team. Email us at:

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