Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Volunteer! We need you.

Volunteers are essential to the continued success of Yellow Door. Our little group of volunteers really loves contributing in small ways to make Yellow Door run like a well-oiled machine each week. (Sometimes, we may forget the coffee (oops, me) or run out of coffee (yikes! hide) or we don't have spoons for your tea (great idea!).)

We are fully committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, buying local foods and supporting local businesses. We'd love your help!

We need cooks, shoppers, greeters, servers, cleaner-uppers and great ideas to make Yellow Door even more of an experience for guests each week. We've found that, just by volunteering, we learn more about ingredients, regional foods, cooking, prepping plates for guests and more. And it's really fun!

At Yellow Door, you'll meet really creative, happy people who put their hearts into Yellow Door. We'd love you to join our volunteer effort! Interested? Contact meetatyellowdoor@gmail.com.

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