Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Mighty Good" coffee

If the robust, lingering coffee fumes in my car are any indication, this week's coffee should be a good one. Locally-roasted coffee from Mighty Good Coffee of Ann Arbor will be served hot this Thursday. A refreshing twist to coffee will be crisp apple cider by Lesser Farms. Good news - we've "reserved" two more gallons from the next pressing, so we'll have fresh apple cider for a few more weeks.

Deb is brewing up buckwheat crepes with winter vegetable filling and poached pears. And heavenly hash gets a spooky makeover with purple potatoes from Tantre Farms. Creepy decor will be dangling overhead, so tread lightly. (Even Yellow Door gets in the Halloween spirit!)

Once Laureen or Angie greet you on Thursday, wander over to the new "message board" at the coffee table, so you can see where your Yellow Door breakfast was grown. It's a great tool for getting the scoop on where to get fresh, local foods.

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