Friday, October 16, 2009

What a grand Grand Opening!

The kitchen bustled, the pork shoulder hash ran out, the coffee brewed to the last drop and the people celebrated a really cool breakfast fundraiser for Chelsea Community Kitchen. Yellow Door's Grand Opening was, indeed, grand!

Laureen greeted guests and Angie served up a freshly-juiced apple-pear blend. The cooks - Deb, Mully and Tracy - whipped up the freshly made hash, turkey sausage and pancakes. This week, I tried the zucchini-cherry bread accented with a side of blueberries, and caught up with Marsi and Bill Darwin. The artists and Morel-hunting experts offered to take me in the spring to their super, special, secret hunting grounds. (I wonder if I'll have to be blindfolded???)

Chef Craig of Common Grill dashed in for breakfast. Many chair sponsors, including Maria and Chris Jacobson, savored the experience and Ginger enjoyed the autumn view from the cozy window table.

Next week, expect freshly-harvested cranberries -- harvested Wednesday -- from DeGrandchamp Farms to be featured in at least one of the breakfast options.

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