Monday, September 20, 2010

September 23: Everyone gets a yellow market bag for One Year Celebration

A year ago, a little seed was planted after a visit to SELMA Cafe in Ann Arbor. (Read cool, recent article about SELMA here.) Jane and Janice proposed the same crazy idea for Chelsea: a weekly breakfast fundraiser to (1) cook up local ingredients and share farm resources with Chelsea residents and (2) raise funds for a nonprofit organization to grow agriculturally-minded businesses from the farm up. More than $10,000 was raised in one year. The new Chelsea Community Kitchen was the recipient of the goodwill and net proceeds.

A little group of volunteers who repeatedly expressed, "We think we can, we think we can..." bonded together to keep Yellow Door truckin' for a year. A garden was planted by 7 Dirty Virgins and, along with dedicated promoters, shoppers, cooks, servers, greeters, Flos, silverware organizers and cleaner-uppers, Yellow Door presented Thursday delicious dishes for the Chelsea community.

Now, it's time to celebrate Yellow Door's one year of, "We did it!" Everyone who comes for breakfast gets a yellow market bag, big enough for leftovers, your mutt Millie and a bushel of apples. Dress code: yellow, if you have it. Casual, as always. No RSVPs required.

The BIG Breakfast REVEAL for Thursday's 1st Anniversary Celebration:

Peachs N' Cream Stuffed French toast
  • Stuffed with local cream cheese
  • Topped with homemade peach preserves
  • Michigan maple syrup
  • Calder Farms butter
  • Homemade crème fraiche
  • Bacon
Pork Shoulder and Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Egg

  • Spicy roasted red pepper sauce
  • Brown butter thyme cornbread
  • Apple slice garnishes

Pumpkin Bread and Yogurt Smoothie

Beverages: Local apple cider and grape juice; coffee & tea

Ingredients from:
  • Greystone Creamery
  • Calder Dairy
  • Ernst Farm
  • Tantre Farm
  • Kapnick Orchard

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