Monday, August 9, 2010

Taste late summer's harvest in Yellow Door's featured August menu

Chilly autumn air is around the bend, so what a great time to passionately savor late summer's grand harvest. Our Yellow Door menu for August captures the essence of what summer is all about: sweet, sweet corn, juicy, mouth-watering peaches and summer-at-its-best cantaloupe. Come eat with us this Thursday:

* Frangipane-peach brioche tart and crème fraiche and bacon
Featured growers/producers: Wolfe Orchard peaches, Westwind Milling Co. flour, Back Forty Acres eggs, Calder cream, Ernst Farm bacon

* Corn fritters with fried egg and sauteed Swiss chard-tomato salad (walnuts, blackberries with Fustini blackberry balsamic dressing, oil, salt pepper) and crème fraiche and bacon
Featured growers/producers: Tantre Farm corn, Westwind cornmeal, Yellow Door garden chard, Brines Farm tomatoes, Wolfe Orchard berries, Fustini dressing, Calder cream, Ernst Farm bacon

* Corridor pate, cantaloupe, Millpond toast points, Greystone Manchego, Swiss chard-tomato salad
Featured growers/producers: Corridor sausage pate, Goetz Farm melon, Kapnick bread, Greystone manchego

* Yogurt sweetened with honey, peaches and blackberries, granola
Featured growers/producers: Thomas’ yogurt, Bobilin honey, Wolfe Orchard peaches, Ed’s granola

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