Saturday, August 22, 2009

A toast to Yellow Door

Counting down the days to when Yellow Door officially opens in Chelsea, Michigan, on October 15, 2009. Every Thursday morn, we're all invited to Yellow Door. It's a gathering of family and friends (that means you!) and your family and friends to savor yummy, delicious local farm-fresh foods prepared by volunteer chefs from the area. You probably won't see orange juice on the menu (er, well, that's because oranges can't grow in Michigan!); though, apple juice should be a staple beverage. A donation to the Chelsea Community Kitchen will get you a heaping of a breakfast serving. Children are welcome and I'm assured that coffee will be served, even though, we know, Michigan's climate is not suitable for a coffee plantation. Few exceptions will be made, so don't expect sliced bananas to accommodate any meals.

Yellow Door is the brilliant idea of Jane Pacheco and Janice Ortbring (who, along with hubby Todd, has opened her home to breakfast in Chelsea every Thursday morn behind their yellow doors). The weekly fundraiser reflects the successful breakfast venue in Ann Arbor called Selma's Cafe, which has raised thousands of dollars for local charities.


There is a distinguishable difference between a freshly, plucked blueberry from a U-pick blueberry farm and a blueberry that has been shipped more than a thousand miles to reach your home. Let's make a pact today to seek out local foods (and wine). The taste is notable and Michigan's farmers benefit from your business. Let's be passionate for our Great Lakes state together. We're so lucky to live in magnificent, delicious Michigan, the United States' second most agriculturally-diverse state.

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