Friday, August 28, 2009

Hanging at Selma's

This morning, a few Yellow Door planning team members (Jane, Janice, Deb, Mully, Makayla - soon to be Kindergarten student - and I) jaunted off to Ann Arbor for breakfast at Friday mornings @ SELMA's. SELMA's is in the home of Jeff McCabe and Lisa Gottlieb. Local food initiative advocates, Jeff and Lisa open their home every Friday and invite you to eat fresh, artisan cuisine prepared by chefs of the region. A donation of $10-15 per plate gave us a bellyfull of (1) waffles, melon and bacon, (2) bread pudding and (3) scrambled eggs and beans. What stood out for me was the most incredible feeling of being in the right place. Lisa, who greeted us, made us feel part of the family, as if we've been coming for years. This is our goal at Yellow Door. The door is open every week on Thursday, starting October 15. Everyone is welcome.

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