Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make the Discovery Center trails your happy place

One of the big selling points to relocating to Chelsea 10 years ago was the easy access to miles and miles of woodland trails. Today, I can honestly say that the Discovery Center trails are my happy place. Every week, at least once a week, Moose (my dog) and I make the 10 minute drive to the trails and enjoy morning treks. The fresh air and solitude of these morning hikes have been vital to my healthy life outlook. We've enjoyed the trails and boardwalks through every season and every type of weather.

Family hikes (I jokingly call, "forced family fun") around the trails have also been critical to my family's outdoor connection and health. I'm hopeful that most Chelsea families have enjoyed the Discovery Center trails and programs. (For fun, attend the upcoming Maple Syrup fest on March 9 and 10.)

Now the Waterloo Natural History Association needs our help in replacing the boardwalks, which were first built in the 1970s. The boardwalks are rotting and, in some cases, breaking apart. Some folks have even been injured by breaking boards.

You can write a check directly to the Waterloo Natural History Association. And, you can also enjoy a delicious Yellow Door lunch on Saturday, March 2, which benefits the association and will help pay for new boardwalks so that many more generations will enjoy this regional gem.

The scoop:

* Saturday, March 2  / Noon to 2:00 p.m.

* @ Chelsea Alehouse in Clocktower Complex

* $15 or more donation / Write check directly to Waterloo Natural History Association

* Goal is to raise $5,000 with 100% of proceeds helping to pay for new boardwalks

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