Friday, July 9, 2010

What is Yellow Door?

Yellow Door is an *underground* breakfast destination* in Chelsea, Michigan, which is open every Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Dishes are prepared with fresh-from-the-farm ingredients. Your donation of $10-15 for breakfast benefits Chelsea Community Kitchen, a training center and incubator for food entrepreneurs.

Yellow Door is completely run by volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of Yellow Door. Our volunteers donate an hour (or many hours) to ensure communication, shopping, menu planning, food prepping, cooking, greeting and serving seamlessly occurs each week. Interested in volunteering? We'd love your involvement. Email us at:

What (and who) else do we love? ('Cause we're full of it.) We love to feature *celebrity* chefs in the Yellow Door kitchen. What do we mean by celebrity? Celebrity is anyone who can cook up a sigh-inducing, I love Michigan for its agricultural bounty dish. Your Grandma may be a kitchen whiz with eggs. Or, maybe your neighbor makes the best breakfast pasties this side of the Big Mac. Super. Contact us! And, yes, we feature chef celebrities like Chef Craig from Common Grill and Paul Cousins, both renowned for their stylish dishes bursting with panache, as well as local flavors. (Hmmm... we'd love to have you both back soon in the Yellow Door kitchen!) You see, we love a variety of celebrities. Get in touch with us today.

* We're not really under the ground. (Geezzzz, breakfast underground? A little too dark and damp for me. We're hush-hush in regard to location. Hint: we're close to downtown Chelsea.)

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