Saturday, April 3, 2010

Did you know? April is Michigan Wine Month.

Eat locally-farmed foods... drink regionally-produced wines. A big "eat local" proponent? Well then, you should also be a "drink local" proponent. Wine is grown from the ground after all.

Thinking of a girls' night out this month? Toast with Michigan wine. Family visiting from Texas? Pair your barbecue chicken with Michigan wine. Surprise yourself and your friends with the taste of Michigan wine.

We grow wines that reflect our maritime climate here. You'll find Pinot Grigios, Chardonays (oaked and unoaked), Pinot Noirs and wonderful blends that capture the essence of our Great Lakes state. Don't compare Michigan wines to California wines -- you can't.

Toasting with Michigan wine this month is official... Get the scoop from Governor Granholm's official press release:

Michigan's wine and grape industries contribute nearly $800 million to the state's economy each year.Sales of Michigan wines in the state rose 10 percent in 2009, while total wine sales increased 6 percent. Michigan wine sales have outpaced total wine sales for the past 10 years, doubling the Michigan wineries' market share to 6 percent. Get the full press release here.

Get your Michigan wine at the New Chelsea Market or spend the day visiting area tasting rooms -- within 45 minutes of here. (Arrange for a designated driver for a safe, fun day trip!)

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